Our Membership System

Professionalism need to be always sharpended and an association of Social Science graduates that dedicated fully for nurturing, promoting and guiding in responsively and proactively is dire needed developing country.
We accept Expression of Interest for Membership of BSSF year throughout through a prescribed application.
Life Member: Any Bangladeshi National graduate or have post graduate completion award from any disciplines of Social or Humanities from any recognized University can apply for membership.
Life member fee is for life time and pay only once in a time. The application fee for this prestigious member is $200USD. After acceptence of the application respected Life Member will be graced by offerig a certificate, a crest made of bronze and silver with ambushed photo of the member and a posting photo with brief biography in the dedicated page of all the life members.
Three Years Membership: It is a short durational membership where membership can be renewed for twice only and after that s/ he can propose for Life Membership and does not require to pay for life membership application fee but actual management cost e.g. Crest. This three years membership fee is $100 USD.
Please see the home page(Get Involved & approval fee):